Simmental Ai-bull parade

At this Page you can learn about our experiences with different AI-bull (semen bulls) from different countries. Click on a picture and you will get a general view on this AI-bull progeny born in our Herd – accompanied with some few explanations about our experince with the particular bull! These are not bulls we sell ampules from. (But you can find Sneumgaard Semen for sale here)

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Icq PP

Sneumgaard Oscar PP

Sneumgaard Network PP

Samson PP

Sneumgaard Powerbull P

Primus PP

EGH Hamilton PP

Lancelot PP

Egebjerggaards Pesto PP

Gulli P av Stustad

Elf PP

Alis Ležnický PP

Kilbride Farm Hans PP

GS Start


Kumshot P av Hovde

Rosenherz PP

Kirstineminde Lancelot P

Moldau Hans P

Ralmarkus Ps

Major Sky PP

Steinadler PP

BFG Exodus PP

BFG Exodus PP

Lamhoj Supery P

Marywood Poll Western HP

Grinaltas Excel 8N P

Bakkely Jimbalaya PP

Stenbakkens Christian PP

Hedetoft Vito PP

Linde General P

Hedetoft United P

Nyholms Uriel

Slievenach Fantastic

Curaheen Tyson

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