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For sale  Sold bulls  Sold Females Semen for sale

During the years we have sold quite a few Simmental bulls to both International and Danish breeders. Here we would like to show you some few of them. Click on the picture and you will get more info about each one.

Sneumgaard Smash P / Andreas Paulsen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Twist P / Horizon Genetics, USA.

Sneumgaard Sweaty PP / Gammelgaard, Denmark

Sneumgaard Tango PP / Holger Andersen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Spunch PP / J. Gottofrey, Switzerland.

Sneumgaard Stirling PP / J. Gottofrey, Switzerland.

Sneumgaard Safari PP / Bergs Simmental, Denmark

Sneumgaard Sputnik P / Gammelgaard, Denmark

Sneumgaard Punch PP / Nørremark Simmental, DK

Sneumgaard Rollo PP / Gammelgaard, Denmark

Sneumgaard Restart P / Bjergeskov Simmental, DK

Sneumgaard Rufus P / M.C. Gielsgaard, Denmark

Sneumgaard Pasha P /Finn Ibsen, Rørkjær, Denmark

Sneumgaard Powerbull P, / Göpel Genetik, Germany

Sneumgaard Primo P/Finn Ibsen, Rørkjær, Denmark

Sneumgaard Oscar PP / Göpel Genetik, Germany

Sneumgaard Overlord PP/ Gammelgaard, Denmark

Sneumgaard Olav PP / Reinhard Krieg, Germany

Sneumgaard Olli PP / Ebelingshof, Germany

Sneumgaard Nobel PP / Bjørn Edelmann, Germany

Sneumgaard Network PP / Göpel Genetik, Germany

Sneumgaard Nexus P / Göpel Genetik, Germany

Sneumgaard Newman PP / Jørgen Krogh, Denmark

Sneumgaard Newton PP / Bjarne Eriksen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Nimbus PP /  Anders Norup, Denmark

Sneumgaard Nabucco P / Bøgegården, Denmark

Sneumgaard Magnifique P / S.Kasperske, Czech Republic

Sneumgaard Moviestar PP / Herpf, Germany

Sneumgaard Manpower PP / Kaj Just Mikkelsen, Denmark

sneumgaard milton lys

Sneumgaard Milton / T. Christensen, Denmark

ålestrup simmental

Sneumgaard Loke P / Andreas Paulsen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Lincoln PP / Lanmore Herd, Ireland

Sneumgaard Liberation P / Karsten Knudsen, DK

Sneumgaard Isidor P / Poul Olsen, Denmark

sneumgaard leonardo pp august 2015

Sneumgaard Leonardo PP / Leznicky, Czech Republic

sneumgard Konrad 3 400 xx 300

Sneumgaard Konrad / Tage Hansen, Denmark

sneumgaard kalorius p lys

Sneumgaard Kalorius P / Peder Bay, Denmark

knockout lys2

Sneumgaard Knockout P / Hans Beck, Denmark

sneumgaard Jeopardy P maj 2015

Sneumgaard Jeopardy P / H. Kvist Jensen, Denmark


Sneumgaard Kilroy P / Poul Olsen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Imperator PP / Kilbride Farm, UK


Sneumgaard Incasso PP / Kalle Tvistholm, Denmark

sneumgaard-homer-p-a-400x300 (1)

Sneumgaard Homér P / Björn Edelmann, Germany


Sneumgaard Haiku P / Kaj Just Mikkelsen, Denmark


Sneumgaard Hertug P / Andreas Paulsen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Kalaha P feb 15 (11)

Sneumgaard Kalaha P / Per Grønbæk, Denmark

sneumgaard kolja p

Sneumgaard Kolja P / Finn Ibsen, Rørkjær, Denmark


Sneumgaard Hotshot P / A. Rose Jensen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Hexitus P / Karsten Knudsen, Vorbasse


Sneumgaard Gimmick P / Braae/Anthonsen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Gilbert P / Knud Erik Søgaard, DK


Sneumgaard Esben P / Michael Bock, Germany


Sneumgaard Exitus PP / A. & K. Søndergaard, Denmark

Sneumgaard Espresso P / Hubert Wallner, ;Austria


Sneumgaard Exotic P / Anders Norup, Denmark


Sneumgaard Darwin P / G. Ø. Thomsen, Denmark

sneumgaard-danilo viktor

Sneumgaard Danilo Viktor P / Karl Sommer, Austria

BFG Exodus PP

Sneumgaard Dalgas P / Werner Arndt, Germany


Sneumgaard Brillant P / Johan F. Schultz, Denmark


Sneumgaard Borka P / Lamhøj Simmental, Denmark

sneumgaard boystar

Sneumgaard Boystar P / Czech Republic


Sneumgaard Burris PP / Jørgen Josefsen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Adrian P / Anders Norup, Denmark


Sneumgaard Alfons / Chr. Jebsen, Denmark


Sneumgaard Amigo / Chr. Jebsen, Denmark


Sneumgaard Amadeus P / Preben Moldt, Denmark


Sneumgaard Alladin P / Jørgen Krogh, Denmark

For sale  Sold bulls  Sold Females Semen for sale
bulls sold
Simmental bulls in our barn.

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