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Renown Danish top Simmental herd

Sneumgaard Simmental herd means Simmental Cattle on Europe’s uppermost shelf.  Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental is a World wide renowned Danish Simmental/Fleckvieh herd of a very high standard.  Especially when you look for beef conformation, growth and docility. We offer unique bloodlines as well. It is our trademark to be genetic first movers in Europe – which we can do because we have a very solid strain of genetics, built up over almost 30 years without the purchase of females. The herd always consist of between 15 and 18 suckler cows which are all rated after the official Danish “Linear Scoring System”. The herd is as one of only less than 20 Danish Simmental/Fleckvieh farms registered as “Active Breeding Herd”. This means that at least 80 percent of the calves are weighed at birth, 200 days and 365 days. All cows more than four years of age shall be rated after “Linear Scoring System”. A percentage of the inseminations/matings must be with bulls having an S-index of at least 108. At least 10 percent of the herd bulls to be tested. Weighing is mandatory, furthermore, at least one of the other three requirements must be met. The herd is owned by:Randi Kragh Hansen, Jens Jermiin Nielsen og Ellen Marie Jermiin Nielsen.

The founding of the Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental herd.

simmental herdSneumgaard Pedigree Simmental was founded in 1987 with the purchase of one heifer from one of that time’s most reputable herds “Briksbøl Simmental”, bred by the legendary simmental-pioneer Jens S. Christensen, Briksbøl. A few years later we purchased another two heifers from the Briksbøl-herd. In addition, we purchased a cow from “Måde Simmental” by Kristian Godt, Esbjerg. Finally, the herd was supplemented with a heifer from Skovbo Simmental, Brædstrup as Anna Marie Kristoffersen sold her herd. Since then the herd has been closed and we have only worked with our own lines of breeding. In the course of time, a large number of both males as females are sold from Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental both home and abroad. You can find them under the sale-meny above.

Five cow familiessimmental herd

The Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental herd thus comprise 5 cow families that goes back to the following master mothers: Præstegården Danica, Tjæreborg Gurli, Briksbøl Jørgine, Måde Christel and Skovbo Melody. All five families can lead their lineages directly back to Fleckvieh in Austria and Germany – breeding animals imported in the period 1974- 1985. (Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental were at the beginning named respectively. “Præstegården” and “Tjæreborg”).

Sires in the herd

Over the years, Sneumgaard Pedigree gulliver på ålestrupSimmental has used a broad spectrum of both Danish and international top-genetics within Simmental & Fleckvieh. Both natural as artificial insemination has been used. In the course of time a number of bulls from our own herd has been used with great succes. The philosophy herein is that, if you expect that others can use your genetics, you can also do it yourself! The use of own bulls have also served to maintain a particular type and profile of the herd.

 The finger on the pulse

We have almost always Simmental cattle for sale. We are exhibiting at least one bull on National Show in Herning every year. These two factors, along with the fact, that we are recognized as “Active Breeding Herd”, means that we always have our finger on the pulse of the relationship between the standard of our own breeding and general breeding of Danish and European Simmental. Therefore: When purchasing breeding stock from us there is a very good product declaration on the animal.

Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental is for you, who want to make a good and safe purchase!

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Welcome video  The herd in general terms   “Active Breeding Herd”  The farm History  Contact

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