Ralmarkus PS – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade - Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmentals

Ralmarkus PS – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade

Ralmarkus PS

Progeny after Ralmarkus PS born in our herd. We imported Ralmarkus P semen in order to have a suitable bull for heifers, as he gives small easy born calves. Moreover, Ralmarkus  PS adds much milk because his mother is a very high performance dairy cow in the German dual-purpose population. For using alternative bloodline Ralmarkus PS is an obvious choice, since his descent was not previously in the Danish breeding programe. His progenies in our herd are characterized by excellent 200- and 365-day weights. Exterior wise, his progenies are very harmonious and trusting. Musculing and weight is fully on hight with Beef Simmentals and his daughter deliver lot of milk to the calves..

Sneumgaard Henrikke P

Ralmarkus PS

Sneumgaard Kicki P

Sneumgaard Medina

Ralmarkus Ps

Sneumgaard Hertug P