Bakkely Jimbalaya PP - AI-Bulls Progeny Parade - Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmentals

Bakkely Jimbalaya PP – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade

Bakkely Jimbalaya PP

Progeny after Bakkely Jimbalaya PP born in our herd.

So far we only got two calves of him, thus we cant tell much. But we can tell, that they have developed nicely so far (only 2 month old). At this stage they seems to posses big frames. What we especially find interesting with regard to Bakkely Jimbalaya PP, is his unusual pedigree, which does not relate much to our own genetics. What we also go for here are the muscles and length which is clearly within our breeding goals. We will follow up here later.



Sneumgaard Manpower PP

Sneumgaard Montgomery P