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Sneumgaard Imperator PP – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade

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 Progeny after Sneumgaard Imperator PP born in our herd and other herds.

Imperator is probably the most famous bull bred in our herd so far. He was sold 3 months old to the reputable herd Kilbride Farm owned by the Robson family in Northern Ireland and was delivered there 7 months old. He had, despite loss of weight during a week-long transport to Kilbride, a super good daily gain with a 400-day weight of 864 kg, accompanied by an excellent muscle scan. He quickly turned out to be a bull for the beef industry of the future with easy calving’s, very correct conformation, fast-growing, muscular offspring with excellent limbs and hooves and an incredibly great docility – just like Imperator himself!

Imperator quickly proved himself to be one of the leading bulls in the Simmental breed – not only in the British Isles – but everywhere. He has produced a whole series of sons, who are now insemination bulls in several countries. Imperator has had a huge impact on Kilbride’s herd as well as on our own and many others’. Michael Robson has stated on his Facebook that it is the bull Kilbride have ever had, which gives the lightest calving’s, which is also, in addition the British indexes, confirmed from Denmark and Norway, for example.

Imperators significance for the Simmental race is now beginning to become apparent in the second and third generations. Imperator is a real “stamp bull”! – His dam, Sneumgaard Christiane P has, with linear score of 93 points, for several years been one of Denmark’s very highest rated cows. And the maternal Grandsire Sneumgaard Adrian P was already 13-month-old named reserve champion at the National Show in 2006. See Imperators pedigree here. (Below a series of offspring). We have used Imperator in our Flushing programe to Australia. HERE IS A VIDEO WITH 3 OF HIS SONS. Become member of Imperators Facebook fan-club here!

Sons who are AI-bulls (Insimination-bulls):

Sneumgaard Network PP. AI-bull – Germany                                             

Sneumgaard Oscar PP. AI-bull – Germany                                            

Nixon PP av Ødegården. AI bull – Norway                                           

Kilbride Farm Glenhead P. AI-bull – UK                                             

Faerna Kaboom ET P AI-Bull – Czech Republic                                           

Erotic Ležnický PP AI-Bull –  Czech Republic                                                   

Kilbride Farm Hans PP. AI-bull – UK                                                  

Kilbride Farm Ivanhoe PP AI-bull UK /Turkey                                              

Other progeny:

Sneumgaard Nexus P. Here awarded 1st price at Danish National Show 2019.  

Ebbehøjgaard Odin P. 1st price Danish National Show 2019. /Jackie Johnsen

Ideal PP – Champion bull Fleichrindertag, Hesse, Germany 2020. / M. Rahns

Kilbride Farm Gregor P. Sold at Stirling for 12.000 Euros.                

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Holestone P. Sold at Stirling for 11.000 Euros

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Nora P – Winner of German heifer-championship 2018./ Lutz Marticke, Germany

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Sneumgaard Nobel PP. Class winner National Show Denmark 2018.

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Birkesig Nabia P 6 month – best Junior National Show Denmark 2018.

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Karla PP/Petzenberger, Germany. 2. best heifer at show in Hesse, Germany.

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Nelke PP/Petzenberger. Classwinner German National Youth Show.

Kilbride Farm Jerome P.                                                                 

Kilbride Farm Jermaine P.                                                                 

Kilbride Farm Japan P.                                                                 

Kilbride Farm Jacobite P.                                                                 

Kilbride Farm Jackman P.                                                                 

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Eunice 260I P.                                                        

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Eunice 259I P.                                                        

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Gina 33I P.                                                                 

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Sneumgaard Nimbus PP                                                                             

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Sneumgaard Newton PP                                                                      

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

NSI Charlotte P. Breeder: Thomas Eydner, Germany                

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

NSI Arabella P. Breeder: Thomas Eydner, Germany                 

NSI Inferno P. Breeder: Thomas Eydner, Germany         

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Glenshane P                                                                      

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Gandalf P. Sold to Hindmarsh Partners, Hexham, England

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Gizmo P.                                                                

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Gabriel P.                                                                 

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Haggis P.                                                                

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Uha Ivo PP, Uwe Barstel,Germany                                                                

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Input PP, Markfrucht-GbR-Mahlzow, Germany                                                                

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Indurain P. Lutz Marticke, Frohburg, Germany                                                                

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Dora 86H P                                                                

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Sneumgaard Nille PP                                                                                           

Sneumgaard Nancy P                                                                                          

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Ebbehøjgaard Orkidé P. Jackie Johnsen.                                                                     

Sneumgaard Opera PP                                                                 

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Sneumgaard Oxanna P                                                                                          

Kilbride Farm Eunice 316L P                                                                 

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Naomi Pp – Tobias Petzenberger, Germany                                       

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Ian P                                                                                    

Sneumgaard Punch PP                                                                                    

Sneumgaard Pretty Woman P                                                                        

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Ivanhoe PP                                                            

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Invader P                                                               

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Inver P                                                                                  

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Uha Imperial PP, Uwe Harstel, Germany                                                   

Kilbride Farm Eunice 267J P                                                        

Kilbride Farm Eunice 259I P                                                        

Kilbride Farm Josiah P                                                                      

Kilbride Farm Jumbo P                                                               

Hollybrook Icecube 17 P                                                               

Kilbride Farm Jetstream P                                                                

Kilbride Farm Kells P                                                                            

Sneumgaard Paprika PP                                                                

Sneumgaard Petunia PP                                                               


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