Major Sky PP – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade - Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmentals

Major Sky PP – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade

Major Sky PP

Progeny after Major Sky PP born in our herd. (scroll) 

Major Sky PP will in the future mean just as much for our herd as Lamhøj Supery P did! And that tells about a lot succes.

Major Sky PP is a true International body-builder. In his pedigree there are Czech, Danish, German, Canadian and British genes – beside the Swiss of course. 6 nations breeding programmes! He is all-round – if any. He breeds offspring with size from medium to large and an unseen outstanding musculature in the back and thighs. In addition an unusual length and width. The offspring carries their weight with great grace, elegance and harmony! Add to this an incredible calm and sociable temperament. Unfortunately, there is no more semen available of him, but his genes will for long time be available from our herd! You are welcome to ask. We used him in our flush-program in Australia.


Sneumgaard Imperator PP (Sold to Kilbride Farm, Northern Ireland- AI-Bull)

Major Sky PP

Sneumgaard Lincoln PP (Sold to Raymond O`Malley, Ireland)            

Sneumgaard Leonora P (Sold to Corskie Farm, Scotland)         

Sneumgaard Maxima P sold to M. Bock, Germany                                

Sneumgaard Mylady                                                                       

Sneumgaard Jackpot P                                                                 

Major Sky PP

Sneumgaard Kohinor PP                                                                 

Sneumgaard Kiss PP                                                                        

Sneumgaard Kilroy P                                                                        

Sneumgaard Liberation P                                                                 

Major Sky PP

Sneumgaard Liv P                                                                                    

Major Sky PP

Sneumgaard Monica P                                                                 

Sneumgaard IsoldeP                                                                        

Sneumgaard Klarissa P                                                                 

Sneumgaard Impress P                                                                 

Sneumgaard Margarita PP                                                                

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