Gulli av Stustad P – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade

simmental norway gulli Progeny after Gulli av Stustad P born in our herd. (scroll to pics below).

Sneumgaard Simmental has, in collaboration with the Norwegian Simmental Association, introduced Norwegian genes in Denmark. Wewe got the first 3 “Norwegian” calves and named the first one after the old Norwegian king Olav V. “Gulli av Stustad P” is bred by the President of the Norwegian Simmental Association Bengt Vestgøte.  

What does it mean that a bull in Norway has got the predicate “elite bull”? when an AI bull produced many progeny (400-800) with information on birth characteristics, production characteristics and maternal characteristics, it can be promoted as an elite bull. If the bull has breeding values ​​above 100 (Average) and with high certainty – for each of the three characteristics: birth, production and maternal traits, it can be promoted to the “elite bull” by the breeding committee in the Norwegian Simmental Association and the Norwegian AI society. Gullis total breeding index is outstanding – 128! And because of it’s elite status, it has no weak indexes and the indexes are very certain!
Gulli breeds small calves and both the cows and heifers after him have shown easy calving course as mothers. His offspring provide a very good slaughtering, because they both deliver high quality and high weight, but only with a little fat. There is also the assurance that his daughters retreats calves with high weight, as they give a lot of milk. In the indexes you can also see that it passes on a really good back musculature. Which we certainly also recognice on our progeny.
Gulli has an amazingly exciting pedigree with genetics, which we are not used to see. The pedigree goes a long way back and can be found here

Sneumgaard Olav PP – Sold to Reinhard Krieg, Hesse, Germany.

Sneumgaard Olli PP – sold to Ebelingshof Simmentalzucht, Germany

Sneumgaard Pandora PP                                                                

Sneumgaard Rita P