Rosenherz PP – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade

Rosenherz PP

Progeny after Rosenherz PP born in our herd.

For us, Rosenherz PP appeared as AI-bull at just the right time. We were planning to improve the milk yield and udders, without loosing the muscles other bulls had contributed with to our herd. We now can see, that we succeeded. We now have cows after him. They all prove to be rated really very high in the Danish Linear Scoring System. As expected we got some cows, which gives a lot of milk, thus ensuring the calves a large daily gain from the very beginning. At the same time the results from Linear Scoring tells us, that we have preserved the good muscling  – simultaneously achieving exceptional limbs and udders – which is important for longevity. Although Rosenherz PP is German, he also proved to add big frames to the herd – they have big frames and high weigh. Even when they milk a lot they are able to keep up with weight – tells about a good feed conversion. Therefore we have high expectations to the young heifers we have after him! We can therefore only highly recommend Ro   senherz PP!

Sneumgaard Gabriella P

Sneumgaard Franziska P

Sneumgaard Fabiola P

Sneumgaard Flora P

Sneumgaard Margot PP

Rosenherz PP

Sneumgaard Lara P

Sneumgaard Lilyane P

Sneumgaard Lorelei P

Sneumgaard Francesco P