Hedetoft United P – AI-Bulls Progeny Web Parade

Hedetoft United P

Progeny after Hedetoft United P born in our herd. 

Hedetoft United P has for more than a decade been Danish Simmentals pride and flagship. He has some fantastic production properties, that make the slaughterhouse settlement for his offspring more profitable than offspring of other AI-bulls. He has been used very extensively in many countries and it can now be difficult to find European pedigrees without Hedetoft United P. We had anticipated this fact very early. As one of the hallmarks of our genetics should be, that we can sell bulls with unusual blood lines, we therefore decided to use him only to a very limited extent only. Therefore, we only got a single offspring after him. It is now an advantage, since it is easy for a buyer, has has many of his genes in the herd, to find herd bulls without his genes in our herd. Which must be a big plus for many breeders who need a new herd bull!


Sneumgaard Daimi P

Sneumgaard Daisy

Sneumgaard Daisy P