Simmental semen

We have now Semen from 3 bulls avaiable for export. Powerbull is a maternal brother to legendary Sneumgaard Imperator PP and the other two are sons of him – but with very different maternal pedigrees. You will here below get 3 slideshows with pictures of them in different ages. If you click on a bulls name you will get a describtion and a full pedigree. Further down on this page you will find a form to order semen.
The price is 15 Euro per. ampoule for orders up to 24 ampoules. 10% discount on orders of 25 -49 ampoules. 20% discount on orders of 50 and more ampoules. Discounts apply all ampoules in the entire order. All prices are exclusive of transport, VAT and customs.  Payment via bank before delivery.
Delivery from Viking Genetics (In Germany from Goepel Genetics and Turkey from Genovet). Whenever possible, we will collect transportation of multiple orders from the same country so that money can be saved on transportation.
The semen is qualified for EU. For other countries we have to check up for each country. But please submit your order and we will find out in each case. If it is not qualified for your country, we will just cancel the order!

Sneumgaard Network PP
sneumgaard network pp sept 2019 4x3
sneumgaard network pp
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Sneumgaard Powerbull P
sneumgaard powerbull p
sneumgaard Powerbull pp normal 4x3
sneumgaard powerbull p - ny
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Sneumgaard Oscar P
sneumgaard oscar pp normal 4x3
Sneumgaard Oscar PP juni2019
sneumgaard Oscar PP
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