Debate on breeding goals.

Above under “Breeding Goals” you will find our newly published breeding goals. You are warmly welcomed to discuss them below here on this page! There is a delay from you write to its visible here. Enjoy!


  1. john Veitch says

    I have also read your breeding goals and like Brian above , I too believe you have a very good way of thinking about cattle breeding. I used to have a few pedigree cows , I`m strictly commercial now and would be very pleased if breeders in the UK followed your thinking. Flesh in the right places, with good feet and legs to walk about and graze grass as efficiently as possible. Horns too I think almost need to be a thing of the past , with as you say the cost involved in their removal and the welfare issues. you have some cracking cattle and I wish you well for the future ,exciting times ahead for anyone who can produce the right thing at the right time and I`d say you`re well on the way .. I also agree with the Simmental ethos that a good animal is never a bad colour ….

  2. Having read your ‘Breeding goals’ I believe them to be correct and admirably, and the proof is in the quality of your animals. Your description of a line from shoulder to hock explains the goals very well.
    In the UK I believe we have paid too much attention to large size, and terminal qualities, with no regard to feed efficiency. The big attribute in the UK of the SimmentaL is to produce a good suckler cow when crossed without loosing beef qualities. To me colour does not matter ( you do not eat colour) it is performance that is important.

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