Alis Ležnický PP – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade

Alis Ležnický PPProgeny after Alis Ležnický PP born in our herd.

Alis Ležnický PP is a new Czech bull bred by Hana & Jiri Chlupacek, Simmental Leznicky. Alis Ležnický PP is a homozygotic polled fair bull with top exterior and breeding index values. Son of the Czech breeding matador Umbro P (the best Czech bull for growth). Mother is a German cow Elis with excellent growth, she belongs to the Czech top 3% in maternal effect. We expect that he will become a strong innovator of growth and exteriors. A part of the German genetics are from the gen-reserve population, which during the Cold War existed behind the Iron Curtain in the former East-Germany. Again Sneumgaard go for unique blood-lines! So far we only got 7 calves from him (see below). They were all easy-born, and very awakened from the beginning. They are all born extremely sociable verging on being naive! Cant be better! 

Sneumgaard Nanna P

Alis Ležnický PP

Sneumgaard Newman PP

Alis Ležnický PP

Sneumgaard Nitro P

Alis Ležnický PP

Sneumgaard Oligark P

Sneumgaard Opal P

Sneumgaard Odessa P

Alis Ležnický PP

Sneumgaard Ninka P

Sneumgaard Online P

Sneumgaard Pasha P

Sneumgaard Powerbull P

Sneumgaard Polka P

Sneumgaard Primo P