Lamhoj Supery P – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade

Lamhoj Supery P

Progeny after Lamhoj Supery P born in our herd.

Lamhoj Supery P is certainly the AI bull that has proved the greatest positive effect on our herd. From him we have gained a greatly improved and outstanding muscularity, an extensive length and an unbelievable calm docility. All characteristics Lamhoj Supery P has shown to pass on for generations.

The best bulls we have bred has all had his advantages in them. We can among others, mention Sneumgaard Adrian P who became Reserve Champion at the National Show in 2006 only 14 months old and later became the ancestor of Sneumgaard Imperator PP, who we sold to Kilbride Farm in Northern Ireland – and now semen of Imperator PP is available from Kilbride Farm. Sneumgaard Brillant P was another distinguished son after Supery P – he became  Champion at the National Show in 2008. Sneumgaard Boystar P is yet another one – he has performed excellently in the Czech Republic, where many of his bull calves has been tested with really good results.

Some of the best cows we have had was sired by Supery P or had him as paternal Grandfather. I.e.  Sneumgaard Beate. In 2015 we sold a heifer of Beate  – Sneumgaard Leonora P  – to Corskie Farm in Scotland. A heifer that greatly carries Supery Ps best characteristics. We have used Supery P extensively and will therefore, in a number of years, be able to sell progeny with these great genes!

Lamhoj Supery P

Sneumgaard Adrian P

Lamhoj Supery P

Sneumgaard Brillant P

Sneumgaard Beate

Lamhoj Supery P

Sneumgaard Barbara

Sneumgaard Batseba P

Lamhoj Supery P

Sneumgaard Boystar P