Elf PP – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade - Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmentals

Elf PP – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade

Elf PPProgeny after Elf PP born in our herd.

Elf PP  is a German bull bred by Michael Bock. Elf PP is a a homozygotic polled bull owned by the German AI-service “Rinder-Allianz”. On the German linear scoring system, he is top-rated 9-8-8 (9 is maximum). Rinder-Allianz describe him: “Elf PP is a bull with strong racial characteristics, with an outstanding conformation with a strikingly positive meat performance. The Sneumgaard Esben P son also convinces with a very good loin region, a strong upper line, a deep rib and a very good width in the chest and pelvis. The foundations are clearly defined and very correct, the movement is fluid. Elf PPs progeny are expected to have good frame, meat delivery, guaranteed hornlessness, a very good conformation and an ideal pigmentation.”  His Sire Sneumgaard Esben P (Campari-son) is one of the topbulls on the German hit-list for bulls breeding values. And a daughter of Esben – Esmeralda2 is number one on the same list for cows.

Elf PP

Sneumgaard Nabucco P. Sold to Bøgegården, Denmark

Sneumgaard Ophelia P                     

Sneumgaard Oh Land PP                     

Sneumgaard Ora PP                     

Sneumgaard Patrizia PP                     

Sneumgaard Rosa P