Sold females

Over the years we have sold quite a few heifers and cows to both International and Danish breeders. Here we would like to show you some few of them. If you point on the picture you will get a little sign telling you the name of the animal and who bought her. Click on the picture and you will get more info about each one.

Sneumgaard Odessa P / Family Kamp, Denmark

Sneumgaard Penny P / Family Kamp, Denmark

Sneumgaard Opal P / Reinhard Krieg, Germany

Sneumgaard Nille PP / Ebelingshof, Germany

Sneumgaard Maxima P / Michael Bock, Germany

Sneumgaard Kicki P / Steffensen/Hansen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Maruska P / Niels Chr. Larsen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Malwina P / Niels Chr.Larsen, Denmark

simmental salg

Sneumgaard Isolde P / R. & V. Kristensen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Laurine P / R. & V. Kristensen, Denmark

sneumgaard martha

Sneumgaard Martha / Per Dideriksen, Denmark

sneumgaard klarissa P 2016 400x300

Sneumgaard Klarissa P / Per Dideriksen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Leonora P (1)

Sneumgaard Leonora P / Corskie Farm, Scotland


Sneumgaard Hildur P / Fleckvieh Wilke, Germany


Sneumgaard Fabiola P / Martin Larsen, Denmark


Sneumgaard Fiona / Červená Voda, Czech Rep.


Sneumgaard Elvira / Hubert Perstaller, Austria


Sneumgaard Erika P / Martin Larsen, Denmark


Sneumgaard Dagmar P / Kirstinesminde, Denmark


Sneumgaard Dot P / S. & S. Andersen, Denmark 


Sneumgaard Duffy P / Kirstinesminde, Denmark


Sneumgaard Carmen P / S & S. Andersen, Denmark


Sneumgaard Vera / Harpøth, Lysgaard, Denmark


Sneumgaard Tanja / Thomas Eydner, Germany






















Sold females

Here are pics with buyers name of some of the sold females from our herd. We have sold other females than you see here, but we have limited this to those we have pictures of. If we cant sell you the right animal we are pleased to send you to a colleague. We know the most simmental Fleckvieh herds in Denmark very well since Jens Jermiin Nielsen is a former president of the Danish Simmental Association. We are in close contact with many breeders in Denmark and we are happy to help you. The situation might be so that you e.g. need two animals and we can only sell you one – then we are happy to help you to find the other one.