Sold females Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental Denmark

Sold females

For sale  Sold bulls  Sold Females Semen for sale

Over the years we have sold quite a few heifers and cows to both International and Danish breeders. Here we would like to show you some few of them. If you point on the picture you will get a little sign telling you the name of the animal and who bought her. Click on the picture and you will get more info about each one.

Sneumgaard Petunia PP / Bjergeskov Simmental DK

Sneumg. Pretty Woman P / T. Gammelgaard DK

Sneumgaard Rita P / Roost Simmental, DK

Sneumgaard Paprika PP / Bjergmose Simmental, DK

Sneumgaard Primadona P / Bjergmose Simmental,DK

Sneumgaard Patrizia PP / Bjergmose Simmental, DK

Sneumgaard Odessa P / Family Kamp, Denmark

Sneumgaard Penny P / Family Kamp, Denmark

Sneumgaard Opal P / Reinhard Krieg, Germany

Sneumgaard Nille PP / Ebelingshof, Germany

Sneumgaard Maxima P / Michael Bock, Germany

Sneumgaard Kicki P / Steffensen/Hansen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Maruska P / Niels Chr. Larsen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Malwina P / Niels Chr.Larsen, Denmark

simmental salg

Sneumgaard Isolde P / R. & V. Kristensen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Laurine P / R. & V. Kristensen, Denmark

sneumgaard martha

Sneumgaard Martha / Per Dideriksen, Denmark

sneumgaard klarissa P 2016 400x300

Sneumgaard Klarissa P / Per Dideriksen, Denmark

Sneumgaard Leonora P (1)

Sneumgaard Leonora P / Corskie Farm, Scotland


Sneumgaard Hildur P / Fleckvieh Wilke, Germany


Sneumgaard Fabiola P / Martin Larsen, Denmark


Sneumgaard Fiona / Červená Voda, Czech Rep.


Sneumgaard Elvira / Hubert Perstaller, Austria


Sneumgaard Erika P / Martin Larsen, Denmark


Sneumgaard Dagmar P / Kirstinesminde, Denmark


Sneumgaard Dot P / S. & S. Andersen, Denmark 


Sneumgaard Duffy P / Kirstinesminde, Denmark


Sneumgaard Carmen P / S & S. Andersen, Denmark


Sneumgaard Vera / Harpøth, Lysgaard, Denmark


Sneumgaard Tanja / Thomas Eydner, Germany

For sale  Sold bulls  Sold Females Semen for sale

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