60 SNEUMGAARD EMBRYO CALVES IN AUSTRALIA - Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmentals


Until the turn of the year 2020/21, Sneumgaard Simmental’s large exports of over 100 embryos from 6 of our top breeding cows in 2019 to Knox Farms in New South Wales in Australia has, by now, resulted in no less than 60 calves at the farm. Knox Farms reports great satisfaction with the calves, which have been easily born and all of them show tremendous bone and muscle. We look forward to following “our” simmentals “down under” ….

Below is a list of the bulls and females, that have been used in various combinations in this program. Click on pictures for pedigrees on each animal.

Females/Bulls used in the program:

Sneumgaard Flora P

Sneumgaard Galina PP

Sneumgaard Kohinor PP

Sneumgaard Medina

Sneumgaard Margot PP

Sneumgaard Lilyane P

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Gulli P av Stustad

Major Sky PP


Kumshot P av Hovde

Nyholms Uriel

Moldau Hans P

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