Sneumgaard Adrian P - GS to Sneumgaard Imperator PP Kilbride Farm

Sneumgaard Adrian P

Sneumgaard Adrian 009 lille a Dam: Sneumgaard Petrea
Sire: Lamhøj Supery P
1 year old:
Reserve Champion National Show.


Sneumgaard Claudia P
Sneumgaard Christane P
Sneumgaard Esben P (Michael Bock, Germany)
Sneumgaard Imperator PP (Kilbride Farm, UK)
Sneumgaard Konrad
Sneumgaard Knockout P

 Sold to: Anders Norup, Denmark







Sneumgaard Adrian P as Reserve Champion at the National Show 2007. He was only 13 months old – in front of him as Champion the much older Holm Ulrick P (AI-bull).

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