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Sneumgaard Simmental herd means Simmental Beef Cattle on Europe’s uppermost shelf.  Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental is a World wide renowned Danish Simmental/Fleckvieh herd of a very high standard.  Especially when you look for beef conformation, growth and docility. We offer unique bloodlines as well. It is our trademark to be genetic first movers in Europe – which we can do because we have a very solid strain of genetics, built up over almost 30 years without the purchase of females. Simmental Denmark when its best and most solid!

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At Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental we are aiming for medium to large frames of the breeding stock . Absolutely top priority, however, are muscles, length and width as well as distinctly good hindquarters. Our animals always show a very high degree of docility. Only animals with a high degree of docility are allowed to proceed for breeding. As selected for that, only cows with the best maternal traits go further in breeding. Over the years, easy calvings characterized Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmentals animals.

With regard to calving ease we have through the course of time been extremely picky. We always consistently go for, that heifers give birth to a live calf, so a new generation of cows get easy started. A large part of Sneumgaards pasture fields consist of meadow land in northernmost part of the Wadden Sea National Park.Caused the fields with shallow depth and marshlands, it is an absolute must that animal movement, limbs and hooves are always of the best quality. The bones should therefore not be coarse and inflexible – this also facilitates easy calvings.

Udders are on the one hand, supposed to be good and functional, with small teats – ;easily accessible to the calves, but on the other hand, not collect dirt and soil to itself when the cows walk in the often hardly passable marshes. Attention is continuously targeting the cows with a high milk yield, so the calves get a high weaning weight. In order to maintain this, we time to time import alien genetics from the two-purpose-populations in Germany and Austria.

Today almost all animals are polled, a big part even homozygous polled. The most world famous of our bulls is of course Sneumgaard Imperator PP. He has everything we go for!


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