Sneumgaard Imperator PP – AI-Bulls Progeny Parade

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Progeny after Sneumgaard Imperator PP born in our herd or other herds. (scroll pics below)
Sold to Kilbride Farm 3 month old, – already showing great potential. He is a long clean bull with plenty of shape, good feet and legs. He had tremendous growth rate with a 400 day weight of 864 kg and a very good muscle scan. He is a bull for the modern beef industry: easy calving, easy fleshing, very correct, fast growing, excellent legs and feet and unbelievable quiet nature. He is fast becoming one of the top sires in the breed. From a low import-base he is already a trait leader for calving ease and is in the UK top 5% for eye muscle area. See pedigree here.  Become member of Imperators fan-club here!

Kilbride Farm Gregor P. Sold at Stirling for 12.000 Euros

Kilbride Farm Holestone P. Sold at Stirling for 11.000 Euros

Nora Pp – Winner of German heifer-championship 2018. Breeder Lutz Marticke, Germany

Kilbride Farm Glenhead P. Sold to British Simmental President, Robin Boyd, and AI Services. Semen avaiable from there.

Sneumgaard Nobel PP. Regional show 2018 best bull and best junior. Class winner National Show 2018

Birkesig Nabia P 6 month – best Junior National Show Denmark 2018.

Karla PP – Tobias Petzenberger, Germany. Second best heifer at beefcattleshow in Hesse, Germany 13 moth old 2018. 

Kilbride Farm Hans PP – AI-bull.

Ebbehøjgaard Odin P. Jackie Johnsen

Sneumgaard Nexus P

Nelke PP. Classwinner German National Youth Show in Erfurt 2018. Tobias Petzenberger, Germany

Fenia P. MK GmbH 07570 Harth-Pöllnitz, Germany

Sneumgaard Nimbus PP

Sneumgaard Newton PP

NSI Charlotte P. Breeder: Thomas Eydner, Germany

NSI Arabella P. Breeder: Thomas Eydner, Germany

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Glenshane P

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Gandalf P, sold to Hindmarsh Partners, Hexham, England

Kilbride Farm Gizmo P

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Kilbride Farm Gabriel PP

Kilbride Farm Haggis P

Uha Ivo PP, Uwe Barstel, Germany

Input PP, Markfrucht-GbR-Mahlzow, Germany

Indurain P. Lutz Marticke, Frohburg,, Germany

Kilbride Farm Dora 86H P

Sneumgaard Nille PP

Sneumgaard Nancy P

Ebbehøjgaard Orkide P. Jackie Johnsen.

Sneumgaard Network PP

Sneumgaard Opera PP

Sneumgaard Oxanna P

Sneumgaard Oscar PP

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Naomi Pp – Tobias Petzenberger, Germany

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Caistor Kay 16th P – Caistor Moor Farm / Brian Lundy UK

Caistor Tzigane 3rd P – Caistor Moor Farm / Brian Lundy UK

Kilbride Farm Ian P

Kilbride Farm Invader P

Kilbride Farm Inver P

Kilbride Farm Ivanhoe PP

Uha Imperial PP, Uwe Harstel, Germany

Sneumgaard Punch PP

Sneumgaard Pretty Woman P