Musculature is given pride of place

Simmental musculature breeding goalsAt Sneumgard Pedigree Simmental we are aiming for medium to large frames of the breeding stock . Absolutely top priority, however, are muscles, length and width as well as distinctly good hindquarters. The butcher pay more for 2 inch extra body length than 2 inch extra long legs! And then there is the important point for long animals – a long calf is born easier than a short calf – when they weigh the same at birth. The fact that the animals should obtain a large daily gain goes with out saying, as it always does for simmentals. The hallmark of a good animal from Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental is, that if you draw a straight line from the neck to the hock, then it should be obvious to the naked eye, that the most and the best meat should be placed above the line.