NEW IMPERATORSON AS AI-BULL - Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmentals


Czech AI Station NATURAL has in Ireland bought a son of Sneumgaard Imperator PP for insemination use. The bull Fearna Kaboom P is bred by Gerry Neenan. He writes about it on Facebook:

“Fearna Kaboom P. Best of luck to Ai station NATURAL in the Czech Republic on the purchase of this Fearna Regal son. Sired by the great Sneumgaard Imperator pp. This was our first Imperator calf here at Fearna Simmentals and proved to do exactly as I was told he would which was Extremely easy calving, High growth rates and easy fleshing. With all this added to his great Maternal line Dam. Fearna Regal who is Monaduff Jubilee X Hillcrest Champion. We would like to think that this a great Cross of both Horned and Polled genetics and hope this lad proves to have a bright future. Thanks again for your custome and your enthusiasm to purchase in Irish Simmental Genetics.”

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