Diversity and variation –  also with regard to yellow, red and white

simmental avlsmål gule røde hvideAs one of the world’s most widespread cattle breeds simmentals are known for diversity and variation. This results in an unimaginable amount of combinations in breeding, as Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental also frequently use of the top genetics from all corners of the world. To the breed’s characteristics belongs color variation. The basic color is white with patches of pale yellow of deep yellow to red and deep, dark reddish. The markings may appear throughout the whole spectrum from predominantly full body coverage to mottled, spotted and speckled or spotted. At Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmental all color combinations are not only accepted, but appriciated and regarded as equal. However, we firmly follow the internationally recognized line with white head light muzzle, light belly and white tail tip, and white feet. “Goggle-eys” and eye pigmentation often occurs.