Ai-bull parade - Sneumgaard Pedigree Simmentals

Ai-bull parade

At this Page you can learn about our experiences with different AI-bull from different countries. Click on a picture and you will get a general view on this AI-bull progeny born in our Herd – accompanied with some few explanations about our experince with the particular bull!

Sneumgaard Imperator PP

Gulli P av Stustad

Elf PP

Alis Ležnický PP

Kilbride Farm Hans PP

GS Start

Kumshot P av Hovde

Rosenherz PP

Kirstineminde Lancelot P

Ralmarkus Ps

Major Sky PP

Steinadler PP

BFG Exodus PP

BFG Exodus PP

Lamhoj Supery P

Marywood Poll Western HP

Grinaltas Excel 8N P

Bakkely Jimbalaya PP

Stenbakkens Christian PP

Hedetoft Vito PP

Linde General P

Hedetoft United P

Slievenach Fantastic

Curaheen Tyson